Winter is coming and, with it, the final series of a certain hit show (today!) set in a continent that’s about to face a tidal wave of creepy, icy zombies. Prepare for the freeze and for the battle ahead with these motivational tips.

Unleash your inner Khaleesi with some music
Having trouble keeping your spirits up? Plug in some earbuds, go online, and find the Game of Thrones soundtrack to keep you in the mood while taking your mind off the physical exertion of your workout.

Don your armour
Going out to brave the cold on a run or on your bike? Then make sure you’re protected against the real threats of the weather and the somewhat less real threats of ice spiders with winter activewear. There’s no need to freeze when you’re exercising, so consider investing in lightweight, breathable layers that keep you cosy but without getting much too hot and sweaty.

Prepare for the White Walkers with a new workout
The right holdfast can protect you against the weather while still giving you everything you need to keep yourself in peak fighting condition. Come join us and talk to our trainers about your current workout routine and your goals. We can help you find the equipment that helps you keep up with your training.

Find your bannermen
When you’re fighting winter alone, it can be as depressing as a Red Wedding. If only you had staunch allies on your side. Finding new group exercises and classes can give you new comrades to keep you competitive and motivated. It’s not too unlikely you’ll find someone to chat with about all the latest developments in Westeros, either.

Find the powerful allies you need and the perfect stronghold against the cold at our gym. We have the finest masters-at-arms (or trainers) and battle gear (or gym equipment) to help prevent the Long Night (of no exercise.)