Worrying About Winter Weight Gain Getting You Down? Don’t Be!

Are you finding that motivation tough this winter? Don’t panic. The days may be shorter and the weather a little chillier, but in Bulleen, you’ll find a gym warm enough to get your heart pumping while you work out. Whether you choose to do cardio or weights, one-on-one PT sessions, there’s always something for you to do to stave off that winter weight gain. With that in mind, let’s take a look at three top workouts so that you can head to summer looking and feeling fantastic!

Get Riding!

No one wants to cycle when the wind is biting your face and making you numb, but when you still want to keep cycling, try out a spin cycle. High energy with tons of motivation, you’ll stay sculpted and invigorated all season.

Meet Resistance

There’s no need to go outdoors for a workout when there are plenty of resistance workouts with high-intensity sets you can do indoors. You don’t need machines or plates; just you and your bands and a great playlist to work to.

Personalise It

Get in touch with one of our trainers if you’re lacking motivation this winter. It’s not the time to curl up and eat; summer bodies are made in the winter months! Get a trainer to keep you going on the gym floor with a personalised workout just for you.

There are hundreds of workouts that’ll make your winter worth it – which of our top three will you pick?