Can’t shift the kilos? Here are 3 weight loss tips for success

Losing weight is a considerable challenge. It’s something that many millions of people in Australia would like to do, but few achieve over the long term. Losing weight is difficult. What we eat is so entrenched in our social lives that it’s difficult to break ranks. What’s more, exercising can be a challenge when you have a busy schedule.

Can’t shift the kilos? Check out these 3 tips for success.

Find An Exercise Class That Fits Your Schedule

Going to the gym is a great way to get fit, but if you’re the sort of person who is motivated by others, then joining a class is a great ideal. By signing up to a class, you can enjoy instructor-led sessions on everything from boxing to yoga.

Focus Your Diet Around Whole Foods

We hear a lot about whole foods in the media, but the basic idea is simple. Whole foods are those with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Brown bread is whole food because nothing is taken away from the wheat grain when making it. White bread is not whole food because it removes the bran and the germ.

Raw nuts are whole food because nothing is added. Salted peanuts are not whole food because of the addition of salt (something which can make you want to eat more!).

Change Your Gut Bacteria

Researchers believe that the balance of bacteria in your gut is vital for overall weight control. Eat plenty of beans, whole intact grains, and greens to feed the good bacteria and cut down on the junk which feeds the bad.